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Lifekey Counseling - Mindful-Somatic Therapy for Complex Trauma: Anxiety, Shame, Stuckness

Terms and Conditions

Welcome to (the "Website"). Lifekey Counseling LLC, with support of its officers, owners, agents, information providers, associated companies and underlying technology providers (collectively and hereafter, "Lifekey", "Our", "We") has included information and functionality for users of this Website and any person(s), agent(s), or entities representing you (collectively and hereafter, "You", "Your") - and Your companies or employers if the Website is accessed for business purposes - all of which is provided "as is" in good faith and subject to the Website Terms and Conditions of Use set forth in this document. These "Terms of Use" are an agreement between You and Lifekey and govern Your access to and use of this Website. Separate Terms of Use may be set forth by companies associated in the provision of this Website.

Basic Acknowledgments

By accessing this Website, You acknowledge, agree, and warrant that:

No warranties are offered.

This Website explicitly offers no guarantees or warranties of any form.
No warranties are made regarding the completeness, suitability, availability, reliability, quality, or accuracy of any information provided on this Website. This site is provided "as is" for educational purposes only, not as mental health advise, which would require a relationship not granted to You as a user of the Website. Information may become outdated or obsolete. Lifekey may choose to leave it as such or change it at any time. While best efforts have been put forth to inform users of any potential harm that may come through use of Website, no information provided by this Website constitutes a warranty or guarantee of any kind regarding mental health, privacy protection, or any other matter.

Intellectual Property

Aside from public-domain images, the content displayed on this Website - including words, created images, and photographs - remains the intellectual property of Jeremy McAllister. Commercial exploitation of Website contents is prohibited, including posting to social media or electronic forums, forwarding to third-parties, or use in any workplace for presentation or lecture. Without prior written consent, You may not reproduce or reprint (electronically or hard copy) Website or any materials found on Website in any manner (audio, visual, digital, etc.). Please contact Jeremy McAllister to receive written consent to reuse, republish, or reprint any material contained in this Website. Your license to use or access Lifekey contents will be narrowly construed. Any right not specifically granted is reserved.
Requests for use of content should be directed to:

Client Rights not Applicable

Use of Website does not constitute any counselor-client relationship or confer any legal or ethical client rights in any jurisdiction.

Term & Termination

Your right to use this Website is effective from the date You first enter the Website and, unless voluntarily terminated by either party, will continue indefinitely until You breach, default, or disagree with current Terms of Use or any future updates. Upon any termination of these Terms of Use, You will be expected to cease all use of the Website, and You will remain liable for any breach or default prior to termination. Any use of Website after termination implies Your acceptance of current Terms of Use and leaves You liable for any prior breach or default. If any party chooses to terminate these Terms of Use, other written agreements between You and Lifekey will remain in effect.

Lifekey Accepts No Liability

Use of the Lifekey Counseling Website constitutes an agreement by the users not to hold Lifekey Counseling LLC or any of its owners, officers, employees or volunteers liable or responsible for any information posted on it or any costs or damages - including financial, material, or other - incurred by use of the Website. Any action You take based on this Website's content You take strictly at Your own risk. Lifekey will NOT be held liable for any losses and/or damages in connection with the use of this Website.


To indemnify means to absolve a person or entity from responsibility for damage or loss arising from a transaction/interaction with that person or entity or a product they have provided.
You agree to indemnify, defend, support, and hold Lifekey harmless from any and all liability and costs - including, without limitation, attorneys fees and costs - incurred by You in connection to this Website or incurred by Lifekey Associates in connection with any claim arising out of Your use of the Website, including any breach by You of these Terms of Use.

Choice of Law & Forum

If any controversy or claim arises from or relates to these Terms of Use, Lifekey reserves the right to seek resolution in a court or jurisdiction of Our choosing, exclusive of any conflicting laws, provisions, or policies. You consent to exclusive jurisdiction of court(s) chosen by Lifekey.

Attorney's Fees

If You breach these Terms of Use or any other Website policy and anyone connected to provision of the Website incurs attorneys' fees to enforce these terms or policies, these parties will be entitled to receive, and the court will award them, reasonable legal fees and costs incurred in such action.


(i) To avoid technical or semantic arguments, if any section of these Terms of Use or any other policy published on Lifekey is found to be invalid or unenforceable in its current written form, then the meaning of that section will be interpreted and translated into relevant and legally enforceable language for the jurisdiction in which it is performed. Where any reasonably compatible or feasibly enforceable interpretation is not deemed possible, the section will be disregarded in current proceedings and the rest of these Terms of Use will remain in full force and effect.
(ii) These Terms of Use apply directly to You, and assignment of Your rights and responsibilities to any third party is prohibited.
(iii) In Your role as user of this Website, You agree that You have no other relationship to Lifekey. Use of Website requires an agreement, documented here in detail. It does not suggest or imply any joint venture, partnership, employment, agency, or counselor-client relationship exists between You and Lifekey as a result of these Terms of Use or Your use of the Website.

More Information

Your acceptance of these terms

By using this Website, You signify Your acceptance of these terms and conditions. If You are not in agreement with these, please do not use this Site.

Revisions and Implied Consent

Lifekey Counseling LLC may update these terms of use at any time. The most recent revision date will remain visible on this page. Users are encouraged to frequently check this page for any changes. As a User, You accept responsibility to review site terms and policies periodically and become aware of modifications.

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