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Jeremy McAllister


NOTE: No immediate sessions available. WAIT LIST ONLY.  Some slots reserved for couples, so shorter waits.  Remote sessions (phone or video) are not offered.  See details below.


I generally respond to emails within one business day. If you send a message now, you may expect a response by 7pm [responseday] Please be aware: this is not encrypted email. If confidentiality is a concern, please limit your message to scheduling information only.  If you would prefer to speak in person, please call my office at (503) 284-6754. I also return voice messages within a business day.

Note for those curious about skype or other forms of virtual sessions: I use a body-based approach that relies on visual connection and attention to senses, including touch. As such, this approach works best in person and may feel clumsy at best when digitally filtered. While I appreciate the contact, I generally refer skype inquiries to local therapist directories or to Hakomi Therapy resources in their area.

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